About Us

Wildlife Capture Equipment has come about due to the need for specialized professional equipment in the wildlife industry and the lack of specialty equipment suppliers.  We are Mike Ross, Helicopter Wildlife Services, designers. manufacturers and end users of the Wildlife Capture Equipment product. We are the only manufacturer that is also the end user.

With over 20 years of experience in helicopter wildlife capture, spanning two continents and several countries, we understand wildlife like very few people do and we know what is needed for a productive and successful capture, one in which all personal remain safe and uninjured, where animals are caught in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of stress.

Each product is carefully thought out and put into practice in order to have the most efficient and top quality product, always keeping in mind a safe and humane capture. The materials and colors are carefully chosen to make your capture job a successful one.  We use bright orange whenever possible for major visibility in the field. Only that product that has passed our rigorous testing in the field is offered to you.

Wildlife Capture Equipment…The name ahead of the game!