Half Face Hood


Hoods in five sizes.

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Our half face hood is designed, utilizing buckles, to be placed on and removed from the animal with ease.  It provides sensory depravation by calming the animal down and reducing stress. It also prevents dust and debris from getting into the animal’s eyes. It is manufactured of a lightweight, high vis orange exterior and black interior fabric.  It can be easily cleaned.

Available in four sizes:

  1. SMALL: whitetail deer does, pronghorn antelope, grants gazelle, impala, mule deer fawns, medium size antelope species etc.
  2. MEDIUM: mule deer does and bucks, whitetail deer bucks, bighorn ewes, mountain goat, gemsbok, nyala, medium size antelope species.
  3. LARGE: bighorn sheep rams, elk calves, caribou, kudu, large antelope species etc.
  4. X LARGE: elk, bulls, moose, bison, buffalo, cattle, and other large species etc.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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