Knotless Capture Net


Sturdy knotless net.

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Our 3m x 3m and 3.5m x 3.5m knotless nets (154mm mesh, 16 ply, 340 kg  break strength), as well as our 4.5m knotless net,( 220mm mesh, 24 ply, 450 kg  break strength), are manufactured from Dyneema. A four stranded high strength monofilament, giving them superior strength. We have manufactured these knotless nets with the following advantages:  reduced air drag, less bulk and less weight, minimal water retention, stable mesh size and less distortion and tearing.



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3m x 175mm, 16 ply, 3.5m x 175mm, 16ply, 4.5m x 220mm, 24 ply